I have a question to all ya Inu x Boku SS-Fans out there!

I got an information from tumblr about, that in January the Final Arc of Inu x Boku SS will start, I'm really, really sad about it. I hope it's not true because I love this manga very, very much ;( <3 But I found this link in the post (it's my source).

My question is, Does anyone know how many chapters are out? I really don't know it. But in October was the 10th Volume released (in Japan). The last Arc ends in December and I think a new Arc will spend one or maybe two volumes.

Do you think the end will be good? I really, really hope that they will travel back in time and that Mike-kun will be the old one, because I love(d) this couple. And I also hope that Banri will be brave enough to ask Karuta to go one a date.


I think the Story has ended now??? ._. Because on Tumblr I saw I post with the picture of the last chapter <3 *0* I hope it's a Happy End :D

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