Miketsukami-kun's Transformation, Switch, Playing House
Season 1 Episode 13
OVA Information
Kanji 御狐神くん変化, スイッチ, おままごと
Rōmaji Miketsukami-kun Henka, Suicchi, Omamagoto
Air date September 26, 2012
Opening Nirvana
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Miketsukami-kun's Transformation, Switch, Playing House is the first OVA of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on September 26, 2012.


Miketsukami-kun's TransformationEdit

Noticing Ririchiyo's nervousness to dating, Miketsukami tries to ease her by transforming into a young boy, which ends up with Miketsukami being babied by Ririchiyo. He then transforms into a slutty woman and tries to help Ririchiyo be at ease with intimate contact, which unsurprisingly failed as his method got extremely strange, inappropriate and extremely ucomfortable for her as he forced her. As a result, Nobora, who just happened to walk into this weirdness, went crazy.


Natsume plays around with Sorinozuka's various 'switches' (poking a certain part of their body/clothing, which triggers a reaction), which encourages Karuta to try and find other people's 'switches'.

Playing HouseEdit

Kotarou's younger sister, Hana, comes to the mansion and decides to play House with the tennants, which takes many bizarre turns. They played two rounds, with the first failing as Miketsukami pinned Ririchiyo down on the floor, and Kotarou requested that he would like to keep it child-safe, as Hana was watching. The second round ends with Nobara's beat down of Kagerou and Zange's commentary on who the true father of the children was. 


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