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Maison de Ayakashi
Ayakashi Kan Gate.png
Vital statistics
Name Maison de Ayakashi
Type Mansion
First Appearance Chapter 1 & Episode 1

Maison de Ayakashi, also known as Ayakashi Kan, is a mansion that is the main setting of the Inu x Boku SS series.


Room 1: Banri Watanuki with SS Zange Natsume

Room 2: Kagerou Shoukiin with SS Karuta Roromiya

Room 3: Renshou Sorinozuka with SS
Nobara Yukinokouji

Room 4: Ririchiyo Shirakiin with SS Soushi Miketsukami




  • Ririchiyo declined having an SS at first.
  • Every resident gets a SS when they move in.
  • In the anime, Ayakashi Kan has a special security system that locks down its residence in a magical, time-warping barrier. Each tenants in a room has a glowing indicator of their barriers, and if one is disrupted the whole system collapses.

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