Kuroe Karasuma
Kuroe Karasuma
Name Jenny suzuki
Katakana スズキジェニー
Rōmaji Suzuki Jenī
Gender Female
Age 13 or 14
Eye Color Brown
First Appearance

Kuroe Karasuma is Shimon's assistant. She also reincarnated but it is not clear whether or not she remembers her past self.


Before she reincarnated, she had short hair (color is unknown). When she is reincarnated, she has long, dark blue hair, which she ties into pigtails. Her eyes are a dark green.


Her yokai is a Tengu. In her yokai form, she looks half-man. A Tengu is a yokai that resembles a crow. Kuroe wears typical clothing of a Tengu. She wears a short jacket, with three white fur balls, a wide trouser, little hat, small wings, and usually appears with a megaphone.


Kuroe is a very loyal person. She cares for her master, Shimon, very much. She's also a bit "crazed" at some points in the manga.