Kotarou Kawasumi
Kotarou Kawasumi
Name Kotarou Kawasumi
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 12
Birthday Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed mother

Joutarou Kawasumi (father)

Hana Kawasumi (younger sister)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Minami Tsuda
English Voice Beth Lazarou

Kotarou Kawasumi (河住小太郎 Kawasumi Kotarō) is the son of Joutarou Kawasumi, his father is the cook at the cafeteria of Ayakashi Kan. He is the one who discovers the time capsule sent by the future reincarnations of the main characters.


Kotarou is a small child with brown hair and persian blue eyes. He is mostly seen wearing a white shirt, blue tie, black/dark blue shorts, knee high socks, and shoes. And if he's working with his father, a white apron.


Kotarou is mild-mannered and mature for his age. He takes considerable care to his quirky father and does not want him to change at all when he is reincarnated.


Joutarou KawasumiEdit

He is the son of Joutarou Kawasumi. Kotarou worried about his father's youkai ancestry and feared that when he reincarnates, he will be reborn into a completely different person with an entirely different life.



Kotarou is first seen by the kitchen cooking while his father pretends to act like a bartender. Later on, Renshou walks by to see him looking up outside at Ayakashi Kan. Renshou hitches him up and flies him on top of the roof to which he confesses his feelings about his father and his own theory about his reincarnation. Renshou acknowledges his meaning, but in the end is entirely confused. Interrupting the two, Zange appears and suggests a time capsule suggesting to write a letter to his "future" father instead.



  • Even though he's young, he is mature for his age and think of things children normally wouldn't consider.
  • He has a younger sister name Hana.
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