Homare Nekozuki
Homare Nekozuki
Name Jenny suzuki
Katakana スズキジェニー
Rōmaji Suzuki Jenī
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
First Appearance

Homare Nekozuki (猫月 誉 Nekozuki Homare) is the sinister-looking service head of Secret Services and concierge of Maison de Ayakashi, who also lives in the property.

Contrary to his sinister appearance - marked by the fierce look, a bald head, scars on the face and the sunglasses - he seems to have a very sensitive personality. When people talk to him, he gets nervous or even red in the face, and when he is in the presence of others, he doesn't utter a single word. That's why no one has heard him speak.


Human FormEdit

Homare Nekozuki's human form is meant to be decieving. He is a somewhat intimidating man; tall, with broad shoulders and a scar on his face. He gives an impression that he might be in a gang. When combined with his overly-shy personality, his appearance tends to put others off, but most seem to understand that he doesn't mean to be so scary.

Youkai FormEdit

His youkai form is a nekomata - a cat with supernatural abilities that has a long tail forked in two; they're like the yakuza of youkai. (He has not been seen in his youkai form, however).


It appears that Nekozuki has a soft spot within his misleading, menacingly-looking shell. He's extremely shy, and probably has low self-esteem issues, as he bangs his head in the walls in an attempt to hide his face. He also ran away while covering his face when he gave his letter in the time capsule.





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