The Day of the Promise
Episode 9
Season 1 Episode 9
Episode Information
Kanji 約束の日
Rōmaji Yakusoku no hi
Air date March 8, 2012
Opening Nirvana
Ending Rakuen no Photograph
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The Day of the Promise is the ninth episode of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on March 8, 2012 (UTC).


Ririchiyo frets over her upcoming coffee date with Soushi. In the afternoon, Ririchiyo cleans up her room, then decides to study with Karuta and Watanuki for an upcoming quiz in their class while their agents monitor them. Due to studying independently, Soushi is able to help Ririchiyo when she encounters difficulties with her school work.

Afterwards, Natsume creates a series of "partner games" for everyone. First, there is a guessing game of what is inside the mystery box, followed by a partner quiz. Soushi gets carried away with both of the games and Ririchiyo's turn is skipped in the second game.

Throughout the day, a series of commands have appeared in the mansion, causing quite a stir. Kagerou reveals himself at the end, having returned from the trip and declares that he was the one behind it.


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