The Lonely Dog
Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 2
Episode Information
Kanji 淋しがり屋の犬
Rōmaji Samishigariya no Inu
Air date January 19, 2012
Opening Nirvana
Ending Rakuen no Photograph
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The Lonely Dog (淋しがり屋の犬, Samishigariya no Inu) is the second episode of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on January 19, 2012 (UTC).



Ririchiyo and Soushi.

Ririchiyo is out shopping and Sorinozuka goes with them because he was sent on an "errand". While buying all the things she needs, Ririchiyo worries about Soushi, wondering if he has everything he needs since he only moved into Ayakashi Kan a day before her. After Ririchiyo finished shopping, she asks Sorinozuka what he wanted to buy. Sorinozuka then goes off and comes back with cake. Ririchiyo walks away, saying that they are going home but Sorinozuka suggests that they hang out more, specifically until 6 o’clock. But Ririchiyo objected so they head home. Upon their return, Yukinokouji slams the door right into Sorinozuka in his youkai form. She tells them that she sent Karuta on an errand but she is not back yet. While looking for Karuta, a Nurikabe attacks Ririchiyo and traps her inside its walls. Sorinozuka goes to check if she is okay on Soushi’s request. Ririchiyo is forced to show her youkai side in order to break the wall. Soushi does the same as well from the other side, shattering the wall into pieces. Soushi immediatly embraces Ririchiyo, and Sorinozuka receieves a phone call that Karuta has come home.They go back to Ayakashi Kan to find Karuta back and a welcome party being held for Soushi and Ririchiyo.


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