The Day We Came Together
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Season 1 Episode 12
Episode Information
Kanji 二人になった日
Rōmaji Futari ni natta Hi
Air date March 29, 2012
Ending Nirvana
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The Day We Came Together is the twelfth episode of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on March 29, 2012 (UTC).

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kotarou has a conversation with Sorinozuka about his worries on what might happen when his father reincarnates, but then Natsume comes out of a bush and suggests making a time capsule so Kotarou can send a message to his father's reincarnation in the future.

Natsume convinces the others to join in writing letters to their future selves. Ririchiyo recounts how much she has changed since she has lived at Maison de Ayakashi. While Kotarou thinks of what to write, he is comforted by his father, who states he and his future self are two separate beings because the him who has not met Kotarou or his mother is not him at all.

Sorinozuka notices that Ririchiyo had placed a letter written to Miketsukami into the time capsule. Realizing that she had accidentally switched a letter for Miketsukami with the one meant for her future self, which stated that she will not run away and stay by his side, she runs off.

After talking with Miketsukami over the phone, Ririchiyo realizes that Miketsukami hates himself like she was before, but she was able to overcome the ordeal because she fell in love with Miketsukami. Knowing she has hurt others to protect herself, she decided to use her courage to save Miketsukami by confessing to him. Miketsukami embraces Ririchiyo, stating that he too loves her.

The ending credits shows separate clips of certain scenes in the manga and ends with Miketsukami revealing that he dreams of having a child and a family, but Ririchiyo replies that only time will tell if it is meant to happen.

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