Episode 11
Season 1 Episode 11
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Kanji 陽炎
Rōmaji Kagerō
Air date March 22, 2012
Ending Nirvana
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Kagerou is the eleventh episode of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on March 22, 2012 (UTC).


Miketsukami history is exposed. Kagerou tells Ririchiyo that he was not the one who wrote her letters back then and Ririchiyo exclaims that she already knew that. The truth of Miketsukami obsession with Ririchiyo is exposed. Kagerou is bored with the fact that Ririchiyo wasn't upset to an extent, therefore telling her that Mikestukami was the one who was writing her the letters in the past. With the realization concluded, she felt that is why Miketsukami noticed her. However, Mikestukami rushes to hug Ririchiyo and exclaims that it was her that noticed him and implying that he's extremely happy that she came into his life and changed it around.

While other families revel when a child with youaki blood is born, it is vastly different in his family. Soushi was secluded inside a shrine as a child. A year later at a party, a woman allows him to work for her in her house, where he is to serve a young Kagerou for a living. It is revealed that Kagerou told Soushi to respond to the letters sent from his fiancée, to which Soushi believed her to be very perceptive.

When Kagerou showed Soushi who his fiancée was, that being Ririchiyo, Soushi was surprised to see a spoiled rich girl write letters so keenly. During the summer, they continued writing letters to each other, and Soushi realized his feelings for Ririchiyo. After hearing that Ririchiyo moved inside the Maison de Ayakashi, that is when he decided to become a Secret Service agent.

When Kagerou confess that he did not write those letters, Ririchiyo says that she already knows. However, she is shocked to find out that Soushi was actually the one who did, which confirmed how he knew so much about her in the first place.

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In the elevator scene, the button number 3 is missing.


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