The Unfaithful Dog
Season 1 Episode 10
Episode Information
Kanji 裏切りの妖狐
Rōmaji Unmei no on'nainu
Air date March 15, 2012
Opening Nirvana
Ending SM Hantei Forum
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The Day of the Promise is the tenth episode of the Inu x Boku SS Anime. It aired on March 15, 2012 (UTC).


The coffee date is cancelled due to Kagerou's unexpected return, so Ririchiyo reschedules it for the next day. After dropping Ririchiyo off at school, when she says that she will "see you after school", Soushi did not reply.

After school, Kagerou turns up instead and tells Ririchiyo that Soushi will not be turning up as he told him not to. Kagerou drags Ririchiyo with him to several dating spots all over town, making matters worse.

Later than night, Ririchiyo grows anxious by Soushi not responding to her apology text, so she decides to visit his room and offer him a melon to apologize. When she does apologize, Soushi acts out of character, causing her to get flustered and return to her room in distress. It is then that Ririchiyo realizes she wants to be with Soushi.

The next morning, Soushi begs Kagerou not to tell Ririchiyo the "important matter", but Kagerou refuses, leading to an intensive battle between the two. Ririchiyo later finds the two and stops them from fighting, asking Kagerou to explain what the problem is. It is then that Soushi admits he has been deceiving her.


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