Distant Fragments
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Chapter 29
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Distant Fragments is the twenty-ninth chapter of Cocoa Fujiwara's Inu x Boku SS.

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Ririchiyo ends the contract between her and Miketsukami because she thinks she was trapped in the past and their relationship was twisted. She thinks Miketsukami can't be the old one. Nobara becomes Ririchiyo's new SS Agent. Ririchiyo tells her that she wants to see the current Miketsukami as a different person. She decides that she wants to understand the reason behind the Hyakkiyakou and the death of old Miketsukami. In the end of the chapter Miketsukami digs up the sakura tree in the yard to find the time capsule. Zange and Kagerou shows up and they ask him why he wants his letter in time capsule. Mike fights Kagerou but Zange already has the letter. Kagerou doubts Mike is involved with Hyakkiyakou because he never revealed he had memories of past before. Zange rips off the envelope and a memory card falls down.


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