Second Couple
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Chapter 12
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Second Couple is the twelfth chapter of Cocoa Fujiwara's Inu x Boku SS.

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"I am not seen as a delinquent...!?"

Watanuki is shocked to learn that people do not see him as a delinquent, but as a 'nice' person. Watanuki complains and yells at Ririchyo, saying that he would overcome her, and runs out of sight. Then Watanuki's long-serving butler/servent appears, and with his ghostly appearance, scared Ririchyo and Sorinozuka (while Karuka is unfazed). The butler is Musashino and came to collect Watanuki's lunch box, as he does everyday. Musashino is a very loving butler, and is constantly watching over Watanuki like a shadow. Musashino explains how nice Watanuki is by telling them his history: when Musashino complained that he didn't have to use a cane like an old man when the condition of his feet get worse, Watanuki said that he'll make a cane that Musashino can hold properly. And when there was a maid who had a problem with sensitivity to the cold, Watanuki said that he would build a house in Africa for her. All these 'dreams' of Watanuki's are done for other people's sake, including being a delinquent.

Then it is revealed that Karuta used to be a lively person full of emotions. But when she was a kid, she got into a fight with her human friend, and accidentally transformed. Thus causing Karuta to think that she shouldn't ever be angry again, and she locked away her emotions. Watanuki at that time couldn't do anything to comfort Karuta.

Watanuki declares that he thinks the time has come for him to give up on being a delinquent, and aim to be a kick-boxing player instead. But after having a conversation with Karuta, Watanuki decides to continue being a delinquent.

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