• Dragon-Phoenix123

    Season 2

    June 3, 2020 by Dragon-Phoenix123

    Will they create season 2

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  • Honey Pie

    I came across this anime by finding a clip of the tg scene on youtube (:P), and from the purple haired character I saw, I saw myself in her. I saw an innocent child hiding behind a wall of arrogance that acted this was only because she was afraid of being hurt. You can understand her experiences and act quickly through watching the anime, and it's easy to like her. The thing is, I saw myself in her by seeing a sort of lonelyness and arrogance that I've dealt with, wanting to be known as somebody flawless and gratitudeless, when I was just emotionally hurt. Ririchiyo, you may not know it, but you helped me through some of these feeligns just by showing me there was someone else out there like me. You're not real? :P Well there's also the wr…

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  • Little Otaku

    I have a question to all ya Inu x Boku SS-Fans out there!

    I got an information from tumblr about, that in January the Final Arc of Inu x Boku SS will start, I'm really, really sad about it. I hope it's not true because I love this manga very, very much ;(

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  • Miu Ousawa

    Ririchiyo and Soushi

    November 2, 2013 by Miu Ousawa

    I really like them. ^^ They're one of the best couples... EVER!! :3 What do you think about them? COMMENT!

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  • Fullmoon8788

    Hey Ppl.If You Love Anime Then We Have Something  In Common. If You Have Any Favourite Anime Just Tell Because Im Stuck.I have No Ideas For My Next Anime To Watch!!! Open For Ideas!

    Artemis over and out!!!!

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  • Shinryok

    So I've been recently looking for chapters to Inu x Boku SS and all the websites i use only goes up to chapter 20...on this wiki i saw that there are currently more chapters out so i was wondering if there was a manga website that has more recent updated chapters

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  • LittleStar

    If you have an account at MyAnimeList I invite you to join Inu x Boku SS Fanclub

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